A little about HP-Palm Enyo

When I first looked at the Mojo Application Framework (webOS API) almost 2 years ago, I thought that a Mojo-based webOS application could be implemented to run in a web browser, but it can’t. Not until Enyo, next-generation webOS application framework  (webOS 3.0). That’s right, your webOS applications may run in a web browser!

HP TouchPad (webOS 3.0) on sale in June

More than one year I develop for webOS (Arctic apps and Doin apps) and last month I joined the Early Access Program for webOS 3.0 and got the HP webOS 3.0 SDK beta. I was impressed with how simple is to develop for webOS 3.0. Moreover, there is no HTML: Enyo framework lets you create HTML elements via javascript quite interesting.

See the benefits of Enyo described by Palm:

  • Higher-level – Controls, not divs
  • Modular
  • Object-oriented
  • Fast rendering – no Markup
  • Fast app launch
  • Flexible layout
  • Better event handling
  • Browser friendly
  • Ares-native

If you are a JS developer,  I recommend you check it out, it’s worth.


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